Sanna (UK)


The support that Sirin provided to me, both practically and emotionally, following the birth of my son really did help me get through a very overwhelming time. I was determined to have a positive breastfeeding journey however I met many speed bumps along the way including concerns over supply and two tongue tie procedures not to mention a tonne of self doubt. Every time, night and day, Sirin offered a supportive, understanding and knowledgable lifeline that absolutely helped me achieve my dream of exclusively feeding my son and staying sane in the process. Along with the emotional support and encouragement that was offered Sirin also shared a lot of wisdom which helped me to better understand exactly how breastfeeding works. I have since come to understand that knowledge is key and ‘it takes a village’. Support is vital at such an important time in your life and knowing that I had someone to call on who understood and cared and also who wanted me to achieve my goal as much as I did helped me immeasurably. Thanks for everything Sirin! – Victoria and baby George Xxx (UK)


When I first gave birth, I was feeling so inadequate and bad about myself. With the advice and motivation that Şirin provides, I am feeling happier and creating a stronger bond with my baby every day – Gülin (Turkey)